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The New R&D Tax Credit: Partner with Gusto to Claim this Credit

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The R&D tax credit is a big deal for qualifying small businesses and our clients are beating down the doors for his service." - Vanessa Kruze, Kruze Consulting

In 2017, certain small businesses can now qualify for a research & development (R&D) tax credit of up to $250,000 per fiscal year against their employer Social Security tax liability. Partner with Gusto to help your clients claim this credit on their quarterly payroll filings.

Fast facts: The Federal R&D tax credit

  • Big rebate for qualified businesses: The R&D tax credit provides a credit to offset a company’s Social Security tax liability. Generally, small businesses with fewer than $5M in gross receipts and who have five years or less of gross receipts can claim up to $250,000 in credit.
  • Lucrative service offering for CPAs: Small businesses must conduct an audit to determine their eligibility. A form 6765 needs to be filed with the previous year’s corporate tax return in order to claim credits for the current year. Offer this as a service for your small business clients.
  • Use Gusto to claim this credit:  The credit is claimed on two quarterly forms, which Gusto automatically files: on the 941 as a line item and on a separate 8974 amendment.

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