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Contractor payments with Gusto

Gusto makes it easy to pay your contractors today and W-2 employees tomorrow.
  • Just $6 per contractor per month includes direct deposit and unlimited payments
  • Automated filings of 1099s and state new hire reports to help with compliance
  • Easily add W-2 employees and upgrade to full-service payroll, benefits, and more!
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If you’re wondering if you should be paying your worker as an employee or contractor, check out this article.

Simplify and streamline contractor payments

Go paperless, and let Gusto automate payments, forms and filings
  • Easy-to-use software to manage all your contractors online
  • Direct deposit comes standard
  • Contractors self-onboard online and get automatic payday emails
  • Gusto automatically generates and files your 1099-MISC forms where required and emails them to all your contractors

Just $6 per contractor per month

Simple, straightforward pricing: Unlimited payments for one flat per contractor rate.

Only pay for a contractor in the months you pay them.

No setup fees. No hidden fees. No extras for 1099s or filing forms.

Get help to stay compliant

Do it right from the start and protect your business
  • Gusto automatically files your required state new hire reporting for you
  • Track and report on all contractor payments in one place
  • Automatically generate, file, and deliver 1099-MISC forms at the end of the year
  • Get support from our friendly, knowledgeable support team by phone, chat and email
What type of employees do you plan to have? Check out this guide to properly classifying your employees and staying compliant. And if you have a W-2 employee, we’ve got you covered for both!
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Setup is a breeze

In just a few steps, you’ll be ready to go.

  • Sign up and enter your company details
  • Have contractors self-onboard
  • Pay them