What do small businesses want from their accountant or bookkeeper?

Small Business Spotlight: Nadine West

Small business owners have a lot on their minds — they're focused on growing their businesses, staying close to their customers, and streamlining operations. And when they need someone to step in and help out, they rely on their accountant or bookkeeper. A recent study by The Sleeter Group found that only 26 percent of small businesses think they'll expand their relationship with their accountant. What does this mean? There's a clear opportunity for accountants and bookkeepers to deliver even more value to their small business customers. 

In this SMB spotlight, we're taking a look at how Nadine West, a fast-growing e-commerce site, works with Kruze Consulting to help run their business. Once you read the case study, you'll also receive a useful checklist of important deadlines that you can give directly to your clients, allowing you to help them where they need it most. 

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"Gusto is going to change the way accounting is done and the way clients and accountants interact."
- Bruce Phillips, Managing Director, HPC
"We chose Gusto to manage our own payroll and are thrilled about the integrations they provide." 
- Doug Sleeter, Founder & President, The Sleeter Group